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Although there may be many reasons to use a CCTV security system, three of the most common reasons are:

Different Types Of CCTV Systems

There are two different types of closed circuit television (CCTV) systems. There are advantages for using each of the two types of systems.

Wired systems

Wired closed circuit television systems use some type of wire or cable to network the system together. One disadvantage of this type of system is that it may require the services of a professional to install the wiring for the system. However, the distance cameras may be placed away from the main equipment is limited only by the length of the wiring. Another disadvantage is that once the camera is installed, it may not be an easy task to relocate the camera.

Wireless systems

Wireless closed circuit television systems are much easier to relocate, if needed. They are usually less expensive than the wired versions, especially considering that they may not require the same professional installation. These cameras can be moved to virtually any location, as needed. They are limited, however, to a certain distance away from the main equipment, depending on the strength of the wireless signal.

The wireless signals make the cameras much more portable. However, these wireless signals may be easily interrupted by other electronic devices. This may make the wireless versions less reliable, at times. Analog wireless CCTV systems transmit on a radio frequency. This analog version may not be able to transmit as far as a digital version; however, it is generally less expensive. The digital wireless CCTV system transmits on a higher frequency and has encrypted data. Although they are generally more expensive, they are more secure, more reliable and able to transmit over greater distances, than the analog versions.

Benefits Of CCTV systems

There are many benefits for having closed circuit television systems with surveillance cameras in your business.

  • Security concerns are reduced or eliminated. One of the most common reasons for security cameras is to deter theft. Although theft is not automatically reduced by the installation of security cameras, it can be greatly reduced with proper management. If theft deterence is an issue, the live feed from the cameras should be monitored at all times. Otherwise, by the time the theft is viewed in the playback, it will have already happened.On the other hand, if employees are watching the video feed live from the security cameras, they are able to see suspicious activity as it happens. If they see something that suggests theft is likely, they can raise an alert so that the theft can be stopped before it happens.
  • The possibility of fraud is reduced. Although it is a sad fact, the truth is that there are people today who try to acquire monetary gain from fradulant practices. Many business have had to provide compensation for individuals who claimed to have been injured on the physical grounds of that business. Although the business may have suspected the claims were false, there may have been no documentation to back up those suspicions.When security cameras are used, there is documentation. If a visitor or customer claims to have been injured on the premises, the business is able to play back the security footage. In many instances, this can stop fradulant behavior before it even begins. The camera documents exactly what happened.
  • Closed circuit systems deliver peace of mind about business operations. In larger businesses, closed circuit cameras can be handy for keeping track of what is going on in different departments. A quick glance at the cameras can provide assurance as to whether certain departments are following correct company policies and procedures. Those same cameras can also give an early warning as to when help might be needed in certain departments.These cameras can also be helpful for smaller businesses. Many owners or managers of smaller businesses are afraid to go out of town or be away from work because they are not sure if the business would function as it should without their physical presence. By setting up security cameras with the ability to view the feed over the Internet, owners and managers can feel free to travel and still remain confident, knowing they can monitor the operations of their business from wherever they might end up.

Considerations About Orange County Surveillance Cameras

  • Determine what equipment you will need. Although modifications can generally be made after installation, it is better to determine the needs for your business before installation begins. Some modification might require a lot of extra time and money that might be saved if the installation included those features, initally. Look around to determine how many cameras will be needed and the angles that would work best for each camera. Include this in your initial installation planning.
  • How will the video be monitored? Do you have employees that will sit in a centralized location and watch the video live? Or, will you need to rely on the services of a remote agency to keep an eye on the video? Decide these and other features before beginning to plan for the type of installation you will need. The video can even be monitored through the Internet, if your system is set up to do that. If desired, many systems will even send alerts through texts or emails when the surveillance cameras detect suspicious activity.
  • Will you need cameras that are fixed or moveable? Orange County surveillance cameras can be set up so that they are pointing in one consistent direction. In some instances, it might be better to set the cameras up so that they rotate to pan a larger area. Be sure to decide which option will best fit the needs of your company, prior to installation.
  • Will digital or analog cameras work best? Digital cameras are more expensive than analog. However, they broadcast on a higher signal. This provides for more security of the broadcast. It also allows the wireless camera to transmit over greater distances. For many business, the advantages of digital cameras are well worth the added expense.
  • Will the cameras need to be relocated after installation? Wired camers may provide a more reliable signal. If cameras are connected with wires, the length of the wire is the only limit on how far away the camera can be placed from the main equipment. However, once these cameras are installed, they are very troublesome to move. They require a second installation if they need to be moved. On the other hand, wireless cameras are easily relocated at any time.

Why Choose Us For Your Orange County CCTV Needs

Our trained professionals can provide your business with a quality installation of Orange County surveillance cameras. By consulting with you before the installation, we can discover the needs of your business and help you to determine which types of systems will better fit your needs. We can help you to plan your installation in the most cost effective manner.

During installation, our expert technicians can install the equipment that you need, quickly and reliably. Whether you choose wired or wireless systems, we can help you to determine the best set up for your cameras. Then, we can help you link those cameras to your system.

So, contact us today to discover how our systems can reduce concerns and deliver more peace of mind.