CCTV For Your Orange County Business

Using Surveillance Cameras at Your Company or Business

Many business owners question whether they should pay the extra expense for surveillance cameras. Although the cameras could be helpful in matters of security, many business owners wonder whether their benefits outweigh the possible invasion of privacy. With proper forethought, surveillance cameras can be installed with no major damage to privacy. Here are 3 reasons why you should use surveillance cameras for your business.


  1. Surveillance cameras offer protection from theft. Most people are familiar with how security cameras are used on television to find the perpetrator of a crime. While surveillance cameras can be used in this manner, this is not the most efficient method. If the business only uses the recorded tape to observe criminal behavior after the fact, most criminals have already escaped and would be hard to find. A better way to use security cameras to stop theft is to have a person monitoring the live feed. The person monitoring the live feed can raise an alert if a potential theft is underway. This can lead to less theft or other criminal activity. This, in turn, will result in greater revenue, as less product is lost.
  2. Surveillance cameras can ensure that the business is running smoothly. Especially for larger businesses, it can be hard to keep track of everything that goes on in every department. Surveillance cameras can be used to supervise certain areas to make sure that employees are staying on track and that no one needs help. If one department is swamped with work and falling behind, this can easily be seen through live feeds with a surveillance camera. Backup workers can be sent in to help that department catch up.

    Even smaller businesses can benefit from this type of surveillance camera. If the owner or manager must be out of town, many times they worry about whether the employees will be able to keep everything running smoothly, without them there to help. Surveillance cameras can be set up for remote access of live feeds. This can bring an element of confidence and security to owners and managers, knowing they can observe the live feed from anywhere.

  3. Surveillance cameras can reduce or eliminate fraudulent claims. The sad fact is that not everyone is honest. Many businesses have had to pay large amounts of money to people who fraudulently claimed that they were injured at the physical location of the business. Surveillance cameras can reduce or eliminate these types of fraudulent claims. If a customer or visitor claims that they fell or were otherwise injured, the business owner is able to pull up the video footage from the surveillance camera. This will allow the business owner to see if the person is genuine, or not. It will also provide documentation for the experience, if the visitor were to take the incident to the legal system.

Carefully consider the above 3 reasons why you should use surveillance cameras for your business. These are only the beginning. Every business can benefit from the enhanced security provided by surveillance cameras.